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ZevroSmrtSpc TrplTray 13oz Gry



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SKU: KCH06139


Zevro SmartSpace Edition Wall Mount Triple 13 Ounce Canister Dispenser conveniently serves cereal, granola, candy, trail mix, or coffee beans. The dry food dispenser mounts easily to any wall in your hotel breakfast bar, candy shop, market, or coffee shop. Thanks to an included measuring cup, you can even use the gray food dispenser to store dry bulk ingredients like pasta to conserve space in your busy restaurant kitchen. The dry food dispenser also helps reduce waste and save money by controlling portion size. Each twist of the tap releases 1 oz. of product. Its three 13 oz. clear plastic canister is specially designed to keep your dry foods and ingredients fresh for up to 45 days.

Additional information

Weight 7.10 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 3 in